Radon Mitigation

Be Safe Radon House Pump Diagram

Radon House Pump Diagram

How do I keep my family safe from radon?

Unfortunately, there isn’t a way to completely eliminate radon from any home. Even the outdoor air that we breathe has a certain level of radon. However, installing a radon mitigation system will greatly reduce the amount of radon that you and your family are exposed to. If you own a home or are buying, selling, or building your home, it is strongly recommended that you check your radon levels in the air and water and install an appropriate mitigation system dependent on your testing results.

What is a mitigation system?

The most common radon mitigation system is a vent pipe and fan system. This system pulls the radon from beneath your home and vents it outside.This system is known as an “Active Soil Depressurization System.” This system does not require major changes to your home. It is recommended that any foundation cracks and openings be sealed to ensure that your system works properly. Radon can also be present in your water, which would require a different mitigation system. The EPA recommends that after your system is installed, you should have your home tested every two years to be sure your radon levels remain low.

How quickly can my mitigation system be installed?

Installing your radon mitigation system will be simple. Depending on your home, Be Safe could have your system installed in as little as one day!



Examples of Radon Mitigation Systems